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AixSense 2018

AixSense is a team competing in Sensus 2018, its university is RWTH Aachen University. For Sensus 2018, AixSense investigated the possibilities for creating a biosensor which is able to measure the concentration of Vancomycin. The full TRD can be found via this link


Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy. Bonding between the analyte and a conductive polymer causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction creates a voltage. By measuring the voltage, the concentration can be determined.

Molecular Recognition

A chip is placed inside an enclosure having circular cavuty which was filled with polypyrrole-antibody solution.

Physical Transduction

Four arrays of gold inter-digitated electrodes (IDEs) register the binding of the vancomycin to the polypyrrole matrix, as binding of vancomycin near IDEs disrupts the baseline electric field between the 20 fingers of the gold IDEs


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Reader Instrument

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