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UScience Tech Barcelona 2018

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UScience Tech Barcelona is a team competing in Sensus 2018, its university is the UVic and UPC. For Sensus 2018, UScience Tech Barcelona investigated the possibilities for creating a biosensor which is able to measure the concentration of [[Vancomycin]]. The full TRD can be found [ docx via this link]
== Method ==
Spectrophotometry (Light absorbtion). Vanomycin has the property that it absorbs photons of a specific wavelength, the strength of the absorbtion is the dependant on the concentration. By looking at the transmission for a specific wavelenght of light the concentration of Vanomycin can be determined.Impedance Spectroscopy
==Molecular Recognition ==
The detection method Vancomyocin is based on recognized by rabbit polyclonal antibodies that are added. This means that these antibodies can not bind to the absorbance properties surface of the detector that vancomycin possesseshas also been coated with vancomyocin. (These rabbit antibodies are then recognized by anti-rabbit antibodies with Horse radish peroxidase attached. )
== Physical Transduction ==
UV light (280 nm) was immited The concentration of vancomyocin is ultimately measured using impedance of two gold electrodes on a quartz cuvettethe surface of the sensor when an alternating current is run through them. The light that is not absorbed passes through an optical filter (bandpass filter unbound antibodies attach to these two electrodes, because they are coated with center wavelength 300 nm) which vancomyocin. These results can then falls on a sicilone detectorbe checked using colorimetry.
== Cartridge ==
To plasma spiked with vancomycin, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is added. The mixture sample is then centrifuged at 15000 rpm for 3 mins to separated proteins from plasma. Thenpipetted onto the cartridge, where the supernatant is seperated from the precipitated proteins, and diluted to 1:10 volume ratio.antibodies are bound
== Reader Instrument ==
No information is given
== Prizes==
Public Inspiation AwardNone

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