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[[File:Biosensumlogo.PNG|200px|thumb|right|Logo of BiosensUM]]
[[File:Biosensumlogo.PNG|300px|thumb|right|Logo of BiosensUM]]

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Logo of BiosensUM

BiosensUM 2018

BiosensUM is a team competing in Sensus 2018, its university is the Université de Montreal. For Sensus 2018, BiosensUM investigated the possibilities for creating a biosensor which is able to measure the concentration of Vancomycin. The full TRD can be found via this link


Direct Competitive Immunoassay. Vancomycin and synthetic Vancomycin compete when binding to antibodies. If the concentration of Vancommycin is lower, more synthetic Vancomycin binds to the antibody. The synthetic Vancomycin shows fluoresence when binding to the antibody, from the strenght of the fluoresence the concentration of Vancomycin is determined.

Molecular Recognition

The vancomyocin or synthetic vancomyocin fluorophore is bound and recognized by antibodies that are linked to polystyrene beads.

Physical Transduction

The vancomyocin in the blood plasma competes with synthetic vancomyocin isothiocyanate fluorescein for a spot on the antibodies. This is done by washing both the blood plasma, the synthetic vancomyocin-FITC through the cartridge using a buffer. The measurement is then done by making the vancomyocin-FITC fluoresce using a photodiode and measuring the strength of the fluorescence using a detector.


The cartridge has three inlets that are meant for buffer, vancomyocin-FITC and the sample. These components are all pumped through the cartridge using a small pressure pump. These three streams of liquids first mix in a winding channel, after which they enter a slightly larger chamber where the microbeads are trapped and the measurement is performed. Lastly the stream exits the cartridge.

Reader Instrument

The LCD screen on the biosensor displays the measured concentration. The concentration is also sent to a linked mobile device, where it is displayed.