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[[File:Zheijing logo.png|200px|thumb|right|Logo of Zhejiang University]]
[[File:Trusense.PNG|200px|thumb|right|Logo of TruSense]]

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Logo of TruSense

TruSense 2018

TruSense is a team competing in Sensus 2018, its university is Zhejiang University. For Sensus 2018, TruSense investigated the possibilities for creating a biosensor which is able to measure the concentration of Vancomycin. The full TRD can be found via this link



Molecular Recognition

Monoclonal antibody for vancomyocin, with a gold nanoparticle attached binds to the vancomyocin in the sample. This means that this antibody can no longer bind to the vancomyocin antigen conjugate that is bound on the test line of the strip. In order to check whether this has been successful, the control line will be colored after use of a strip.

Physical Transduction

The colouring of the test line by the antibody with colloidal gold is lit up by some lights inside the biosensor and then a picture of the strip is made with a mobile phone. This picture is then analysed by a program called ImageJ and the mean grayscale is put into a matlab program, which then calculates the concentration using previously input calibration values.


The plasma is pipetted into a 96 well plate and the strip is inserted. When the T-line lights up, the strip is kept in the well for 3 more minutes, after which the strip is put into the biosensor.

Reader Instrument

There is a Matlab program, which needs the grayscale input from ImageJ and calibration values, after which it calculates the concentration.